DBW Affirms: Technical Difficulties Explained.

Hey DBW! We sent this to your email 1 - 3 times earlier this month, but wanted to share this again in case you missed it ❤️

What's Been Going On? A Personal Message from Dear Black Women Founder, Flo.
Short Update: We miss you and are so sorry for the technical difficulties.

I, Flo, Dear Black Women's founder, am personally working on getting us back up. Likely next week with a new number. Hopefully, this would be the final number change.

Want more details? Keep reading.
Curious about what's been going on behind the scenes? Aight, so boom! There's so much that goes into delivering an affirmation text to you. There's coding, multiple companies, dealing with carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc) when necessary and more.

So, let's walk you through a live view of what's been going on and my responses every step of the way.
Act 1: A Vision.
To ensure that texts get delivered more reliably, I recently switched texting services to a company that is an industry leader!

Based on your response to our "Are you getting our texts" email, it's proven to be a great move, which had me soooo happy!
Act 2: The Tragedy.
Thats why you experienced the first number change. Unfortunate, but necessary.

Everything was going smoothly. Then, our developer accidentally re-mapped all the numbers, which led to the second number change. My response...
Act 3: The Long Road.
I know the thread of affirmations from us is part of what makes our affirmations great, so since then I've been personally investigating and working closely with our text company to re-map our numbers and more generally make the very best decision for a future of more dope affirmations coming your way.
Act 4: The Triumph.
After nearly a week at this, I can say we are aiming to be back online next week. And it seems like the very BEST way forward may be a toll free number, which would mean a new number one more time. 

What I’m learning is that what we're doing-- daily affirmation texts from a small business-- is rarely done precisely because it ain't easy.

Still, we're going to keep pushing as long as we have you right along with us!
You With Us?
No, Remove Me.
In affirmation of you, and Black women everywhere,

Founder, Dear Black Women