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MICHIGAN: DBW's Affirmation Circle 21

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What's a Dear Black Women Circle? DBW Affirmation Circles are safe spaces dedicated to Black women, from all backgrounds, speaking life to themselves in community with other Black women. We center affirmations written by Black women to themselves. From these affirmations come connections, resources, healing, release and support. Bring your homegirls and come through to our 20th Circle at 3pm on 8/19!

Dear Black Women Affirmation Circles are safe spaces for Black women from all walks of life. Be her religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, cis, trans, LGBTQIA, not working or working, in or not in school, 18 year old (the youngest) or 200 years old, penny pinching or balling, single or partnered, differently able, able bodied, mothering or not mothering, etc! All Black women are invited to create and enjoy this safe space!

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We have reached capacity for this event, but stay tuned for our next date!

I have known theoretically that there are other black women whose experiences are like mine. But being in the room with them, with the letters, and with the circle agreements, and with the practice of acknowledgment of ancestors made it FEEL REAL and it HEALED ME.
— A Dear Black Woman after a DBW Circle
DBW is something every black women needs in her life. It was a safe place full of healing. A place to full of acceptance and love, laughter and life. I enjoyed every minute of it.
— A Dear Black Woman after a DBW Circle
From the 30 minute rule (respect), to the snacks (hospitality), to black women lovingly taking off your invisible cloak and SEEING you for you and hugging you with words (love) — it was wonderful!
— A Dear Black Woman after a DBW Circle
It was amazing to see a diverse group of strong black women come together (some of us compete strangers) and be transparent. This was empowering and I can’t wait for the next Circle
— A Dear Black Woman after a DBW Circle