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DBW's Circle Video Shoot

  • RSVP for location. (map)

What is the video shoot about? 12PM - 3PM

DBW's founder Flo and videographer Ify are working on DBW's second video! This video will be focused on showing Black women across the country more about what DBW is! To help, we'll use footage from this Circle for this video. Unlike other Circles, you won't need to submit an affirmation letter in advance. Just come through, experience the Circle and ENJOY!

Y'all gon have food tho? And is there a dress code?

YUP! After our amazing shoot, we'll enjoy a great meal at 3pm! Absolutely not on the dress code! Wear whatever you makes you feel like you!

What else should I know before I RSVP?

Dear Black Women Affirmation Circles are a safe space for Black women from all walks of life. Be her religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, cis, trans, LGBTQIA, not working or working, in or not in school, penny pinching or balling, single or partnered, differently able, able bodied, 18 years old or 110 years old, etc! We come in infinite forms.

Location Information Provided with RSVP!

Name *
DBW Time *
I will honor the Circle by arriving on time at 12pm. If I am running late, I will arrive no later than 30 minutes of the Circle start. I understand there is no admission more than 30 minutes after Circle start.
Release *
I understand that I will need to sign a photo and video release to be in the video.
Dietary Restrictions (Optional)

DBW is something every black women needs in her life. It was a safe place full of healing. A place to full of acceptance and love, laughter and life. I enjoyed every minute of it.
— A Dear Black Woman after a DBW Circle
I have known theoretically that there are other black women whose experiences are like mine. But being in the room with them, with the letters, and with the circle agreements, and with the practice of acknowledgment of ancestors made it FEEL REAL and it HEALED ME.
— A Dear Black Woman after a DBW Circle