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Michigan: DBW's Clothes Swap, Winter Edition, Ann Arbor, MI

  • RSVP for exact location. Ann Arbor, MI (map)

DBW's Clothes Swap, Winter Edition

What's a Dear Black Women Clothes Swap?

A chance to give and get free clothes! Have clothes in your closet you love, but just DON’T rock anymore? Have clothes you WISH were in your closet? Come through to Dear Black Women’s Clothes Swap. It’s a chill way to find great clothes from and offer great clothes to other dope Black women.

This event is FREE.

RSVP Required.

DBW Affirmation Circle Pledge *
Our gatherings are celebrations of Black women from all walks of life. Be her religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, cis, trans, LGBTQIA, straight, not working or working, in or not in school, documented or undocumented, 18 year old (the youngest) or 200 years old, penny pinching or balling, single or partnered, differently able, able bodied, mothering or not mothering, etc! Can you honor that?
Release *
To celebrate, I understand that there may be video and photography! I will be asked to sign a release to be included in video/photos. If I like, I am free to decline and not be in video/photos.
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