Digital content manager

About DBW

Dear Black Women is an affirmation movement and social network, offline and online, for Black women by Black women. Dear Black Women (also affectionately referred to as DBW) achieves this by creating affirming spaces, online and offline, for Black women to connect, heal and grow.

Position Description

Dear Black Women (DBW) is seeking a Digital Content Manager. The Digital Content Manager plays a key role in developing content and strategy for Dear Black Women’s online presence. This role is crucial to building awareness, maintaining engagement and growing the Dear Black Women movement. This is a paid, freelance project based position. Rates will be discussed during interview process.

types of projects

  • Use Dear Black Women’s brand templates, affirmation quotes and photo library to design and schedule social media posts for DBW's Social Media.

  • Proactively create and maintain a digital content calendar for DBW.

  • Draft and design e-newsletters for DBW’s listserv.

  • Organize and manage DBW's digital asset library.

  • Actively manage content and conversations on DBW's social media platforms.

  • Create effective strategies to grow DBW's online community.

  • Collect and assess social media/listserv analytics data.

  • Stay informed of the evolving social media environment.


  • A love for Black women and a belief in the Dear Black Women mission

  • Demonstrated experience in digital content management, strategy, planning, and execution

  • Demonstrated ability to create high-quality copy for a brand

  • Strong writing skills, ability to shoot and edit photographs and basic video, prefer experience in art direction, journalism or multimedia

  • Proficiency in design software (Canva or Adobe creative suite)

  • Experience using social media management and marketing platforms (Hootsuite, Mailchimp, etc)

  • Knowledge of social media platforms and audiences and dedicated process for staying up-to-date on industry trends

  • Strong work ethic and attention to detail

  • Ability to work independently and make decisions under pressure
  • Ability to build relationships within the DBW network (nationwide)

how to apply

Deadline: Friday, August 17, 2018 (Earlier the better)

Application for this role will reflect your ability to execute key responsibilities in this role. To that end, email the following in 1 file attachment. Title email: “Digital Content Manager Application”.

A. Self-Reflection: In no more than 2 sentences, what about the DBW mission resonates with you?

B. Analysis + Strategy: In no more than 1 page:

  1. Offer your analysis of Dear Black Women’s social media presence on Instagram. Answer the following questions: What are 2 things that have been working and why? 3 things that should be improved and how?

  2. Offer your observation of how the Dear Black Women’s newsletter from this snippet of the most recent editions. Answer the following questions: What do you think are the values and goals of the DBW newsletter? What are 2 things you would add to this in the way of topics and design?

C. Design: After reviewing examples of DBW social media posts on Instagram, design 3 sample DBW Instagram posts using any of the following brand elements:

  1. Fonts: Bebas, Raleway, Xtreem Thin/Medium/Fat

  2. Colors:

    1. BLUSH, #EED9D6, RGB: 238 / 217 / 214, CMYK: 6 / 13 / 8 / 0

    2. GREEN, #4ABD54, RGB: 74 / 189 / 84, CMYK: 63 / 0 / 83 / 0

    3. VIOLET, #BC2AB0, RGB: 188 / 42 / 176, CMYK: 36 / 77 / 0 / 0

    4. ORANGE, #FE6400, RGB: 254 / 100 / 0, CMYK: 0 / 65 / 89 / 0

    5. JADE, #042C39, RGB: 4 / 44 / 57, CMYK: 89 / 55 / 38 / 58

    6. MUSTARD, #FFC831, RGB: 255 / 200 / 49, CMYK: 1 / 19 / 85 / 1

  3. Design Elements: Quotation Marks + Flowers HERE.

  4. Designs can be created in any design software you like and can use made up quotes.

D. Your Resume.