Need Help Writing Your Affirmation Letter?

We got you! Enjoy these tips! Then share your affirmation.

Tip 1. Write only what YOU need to hear.

While writing your letter, don't worry about what you THINK you should be writing or what anyone else’s needs. Not your co-worker, your bestie, yo cousins and dem.

No one, except you.

Focus only on what you need to hear, because the intention is to fill your cup.

So fill it up as high as you can!
Tip 2. You don't have to call yourself a "writer" to write an amazing letter.

It doesn’t matter if the grammar or spelling is "off". Your words are worthy of your attention.

We repeat: Your words are worthy of your attention. PERIODT. 

Your letter are the words you need to hear on any topic or in any style that affirms you.

So write what's in your heart.
Tip 3. No letter is too short.

We've had letters that were literally 5 words up to letters a little over a page. So do not be discouraged if you're letter isn't long. If it's affirming you, it's GOODT.
Tip 4: Gift yourself 5 Minutes of YOUR time. 

Sometimes 5 minutes is all you have and that's okay. Start with 5 minutes to let your affirmations to yourself speak.
Tip 5: Remember your letter is anonymous unless you don't want it to be.

To use your name or not use your name? That's always and only up to you!
Tip 6: OPTIONAL questions that could help you write your affirmation letter.

What words would motivate me or give me strength? 

What would I say to someone I really love experiencing what I'm experiencing? 

What would I say to my younger self about the lessons that I've learned?

What do I want to congratulate myself for accomplishing, overcoming, triumphing over? Why?