PRESS PLAY: "You Are Always Loved"

An affirmation poem by Dear Black Women Founder Flo, inspired by the life and memory of Sandra Bland and all those just as fierce and powerful as her, who would want us to be reminded that we are always loved. Press play, listen and be reminded.

The poem says: "When the sun arose this morning It woke up from a dream of me And when its rays beamed today, They were smiling at your face Yes, the whole universe encourages My very being It sops up and savors My every quirk and flaw Yes, the whole universe leaps At the chance to love me And, like a love that won't quit, Shows up each day to proclaim its love Starting with a sun that greets me At every break of dawn Burning to kiss your body, Beaming to light the way Moving to the moon that echoes The all knowing of the sun Urging the stars to join in, Moving the tides to whisper: You are ALWAYS loved."

Dear Black Women