Affirmations of the Week: Life Evolutions.

As we move into this new year, may we be met with evolutions of our hearts, spirits and bodies. May we look back and say, "Damn. We did that." Here are some words from Black women all over the world to encourage you along the way.


#WeThankthedbw: Alisha from Washington, DC.


"Rise. Rise to every challenge you see. Don't let anyone tell you there's anything you can't be, because your reach is limitless and your future boundless."


1. amber - grow.png

#WeThankthedbw: Amber from Detroit, MI.


3. christiana - you are wondrous.png

#WeThanktheDBW a Dear Black Woman.

A Dear Black Women's words:

"Your energy is FINITE, so don't try to do it all. But your spirit is connected to limitlessness.


2. iva - alchemy.png

#WeThanktheDBW: iva from atlanta, ga.

Iva's words:

“Don't let those things that frustrate you remain dormant and silenced. Listen to those irritations and use them as fuel, the fuel that ignites your purpose."


#WeThanktheDBW: Christiana from Ann Arbor, MI

Christiana has hit us over the head with her affirmations. Enjoy them. 

Christiana's words:

"I am also here to tell you how wondrous you are."


3. christiana - our together journey is far from over.png

Christiana's words:

"Our journey together is far from over, but just know that as long as I have you by my side, with your insights, your sense of humor, your quirky sense of style, your good days, and even your bad, you'll always have me as your number 1 fan rooting for you."

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