Affirmations of the Week: Transformation

Take a closer look at some of this week's powerful affirmations from Dear Black Women from all over the country. Be encouraged because you are worthy of love.


#WeThankthedbw: tiara from detroit, mi.

Tiara's words: "Most times, the rejection we faced wasn't rejection, but God's protection and redirection."

WOOOHHHH!!!!! Re-read those words. Whether you are religious, spiritual, atheist or agnostic, what a profound belief to have that whatever rejection we have faced can actually also be a gift. It turns so much of the pain of being rejection upside down. A lot to marinate on... Let us know what you think in the comments.


#WeThankthedbw: charisse from columbus, oh.

Charisse's words: "Every challenge and every success is strategically placed on your journey, happening at exactly the right moment and right time."

What if we could truly imagine, believe and know that are steps are ordered? That the next moment and the next are in profound orchestration for our highest good? That our many setbacks, while at times devastating, can also somehow be step ups for us? Let us know what you think in the comments.


#WeThankthedbw: el noel from stamford, ct.

El Noel's words: "You are free. Free from the bondage of corporate inconsideration, non-profit micro-aggressions, toxic body expectations, crippling family narratives, debilitating attachments and despair from deferred dreams and aspirations. And no, I am not naive. I know what the word often says and practices, but believe me. Believe these words, you are free."

This one nearly knocked us tf out! The list of things to be free of. MY. GOODNESS. LAWD! Who can relate to this? Anything else you would like to add? Let us know in the comments.


#WeThankthedbw: judith from brooklyn, ny.

Judith's words: "Yesterday's hurt is my guide to this moment. Here now. This moment. Now. Now, now, now... Life lessons. I am grateful. I give thanks."

What are the hardships you've been through that have helped mold you into the amazing, formidable woman you are today-- scars and all? How did that pain or that heartache equip you with life lessons that have actually brought gifts to your life? Let us know in the comments.

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