Affirmation Letter of the Week: "My Black Girl Manifesto"

Written and read by Dear Black Woman Brandi Keeler

This is my black girl manifesto

Sometimes I hesitate to stand in my light

But I rather blind the world with my brilliance 

than comfort it with my dimness. 

There are many ways to serve the world

and I have the right to choose which ways feel most in alignment with my own truth. 

because truth is: I am a chocolate-covered alien. 

My identity doesn't fit neatly into any, one, category.

And I am okay with that.

In fact,

I embrace it.

I glorify my inner-contradictions.  

I celebrate my unsolved mysteries.

I thank God for the miracle that is my imperfection. 

This is how I love myself.

and THAT is how I serve the world. 

Yes, I doubt and I may feel unsure at times, but I am never foolish for following my intuition. Yes, I take huge risks and I may fail at times, but I am never a failure. Yes, I struggle and I may need to retreat from the world during my personal storms. 

But like the butterfly; I am aware that the darkness of my cocoon is but a space for metamorphosis. And honey, my wings are extraordinary. They grow every time I dance or laugh with my lover. They grow when I meditate. Or every time I walk barefoot on grass. They grow when I stare at the moon, or glance at the sun. They grow when I eat living foods. They grow when I wear an ankh or when I rub on coconut oil. They grow every time I see myself naked. They grow when I honor my ancestors. They grow every time I give myself grace. 

My wings grow with grace.

Change is inevitable but growth is a choice and every time I choose to love myself, even in a small way, I not only grow my own wings; 

I help the whole world to fly.