Affirmations of the Week: #BlackGirlMagic Made "Black Panther" Possible!

Did you realize our #BlackGirlMagic made "Black Panther" possible? From the leading actress roles, to the heads of costume design, production design, and hair, "Black Panther"is #BlackGirlMagic and a love letter to us! Read on and be celebrated!



The Actresses.

Angela Basset. Danai Gurira. Letitia Wright. Lupita Nyong'o. Black. Girl. Magic. Overload. I mean, Angela Basset alone is a national treasure who never ages. #59YearsOldWhere?!? Hear these Black women geniuses speak about what "Black Panther" means for them and US.





The Costume Design.

Ruth E. Carter. Remember this name. She is responsible for every. single. costume. in. this. movie. Not one. Every. One. Not only that, she was also the costume designer for SO many of our classics, including-- brace yourselves: "Amistad", "Crooklyn", "Love & Basketball", "Malcolm X", "School Daze", "Selma", "What's Love Got to Do with It" and more...It's just tew much. Read on for Ruth's inspiration for "Black Panther" and her affirmation of US.

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The Production Design.

Hannah Beachler. Not only is Hannah "Black Panther"'s Production Designer, but she is also the genius behind the design of Beyonce's "Lemonade" and Ryan Coogler's "Fruitvale Station" and "Creed". JUST. TO. NAME. A FEW! Are y'all listening? What may go down as one of the biggest and Blackity Blackest movies of all time was designed by and feature Black women. **Faints** Feast your eyes on a teaser of some of Hannah's magic and read what she says about OUR #BLACKGIRLMAGIC.

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