Affirmations of the Week: The Bawdy.

Too Light. Too Dark. Too Short. Too Tall. Too Thick. Too Small. Stretch Marks. Big Scars. Freckles. Pimples. Lines. Dimples. Flat Belly. Fat Belly. Big Feet. Crooked Teeth.

Any of this sound familiar? If so, welcome to the club.

It's so easy to criticize and compare our bodies. Multi-billion dollar industries literally bank on it. But for the next 5 minutes, let's quiet that noise and make a pact, shall we? Let's hold off on all body judgement and, instead, revel in the beauty that our bodies already offers today.

To help with that, these affirmations from Dear Black Women near and far.

El Noel, Dear Black Woman, Connecticut


A Dear Black Woman.


DBW Reflections:

List 5 things you cherish about your body.

Think of how they allow you to be you in your special way.

Kirby Gwen, Dear Black Woman, Detroit, MI.

Kamaria, Dear Black Woman.


DBW Reflections:

What process is going body through or has your body gone through that you can celebrate?

Lauren, Dear Black Woman, Dallas, TX.


A Dear Black Woman.


DBW Reflections:

How can you celebrate a complexity or scar of yours?

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