Great News: Our Founder Wins Entrepreneur of the Year!

Me. Trying to be composed af, but really like $%^&@*#$#!!! inside!

Me. Trying to be composed af, but really like $%^&@*#$#!!! inside!

Written by Flo, Founder of Dear Black Women

Hey Y'all! Its Flo, Founder of Dear Black Women. So, a really big thing kinda happened last week. I won the Entrepreneur of the Year award at University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, where I am completing one of my Masters, for my work with Dear Black Women. Yes, y'all. YAS! I share this bit of news with you with pure joy, gratitude and excitement for the continued growth of DBW. As many of you know, this newsletter is one aspect of what DBW does.

Dear Black Women engages with 1,000's of Black women across the country. Through our affirmation circles and events, social media, affirmation merchandise and podcast (new episodes soon, I promise), we are unequivocal about our right, our need to affirm ourselves.

And. It's. Just. The. Beginning. In 2018, we expand our Circles, events and partnerships to other regions across the United States, as well as increase our online presence. So, thank you for being a Day 1 and supporting Dear Black Women and me thus far! Share us with other Black women. New to Dear Black Women? Join the movement. 

Being honored for this sacred work of supporting us in our affirmation of ourselves is an affirmation to me to keep going! So, keep going I shall with you and other Black women across the country!