WE'RE BAACCKKK!!!!: A Letter for DBW's Founder

Hey Dear Black Woman!,

It's been a good lil while since we've hit your inbox with our weekly doses of Black girl love, events and social media. And Lawd knows we missed you! Why did we take a sabbatical?

On the difficult side: I've been struck by loss and illness in the family and had the sense, courage and space to take some time to grieve and heal. On the great side: I've been preparing for the future of Dear Black Women and let's just say we SLAYED the competition season.

Not to stunt, but...to stunt with some updates:

  • Dear Black Women won FIRST place in the university wide University of Michigan Business Challenge. More here and here.

  • Dear Black Women won SECOND place in the national UC Berkeley Inclusion Pitch Business Challenge.

585A1308 (1).jpg

Plus, your girl completed her studies and graduated with two Masters degrees (MBA & MSI, Human Computer Interaction) from the University of Michigan. At one of my graduations, I was even brought on stage and given an award for the fantastic work we're doing. **Cue Whitney Houston sangin' "I believe in MIRACCLLLESSS"** Peep the moment below:

And that’s not all…

Remember back in Newsletter #25 when we told you about Tia Freeman? She's the Black woman who. delivered. her. own. by. baby. by. herself. (with the help of Google). while. traveling. alone. in. Germany...

Welllll, Brandi, DBW's first Lead Facilitator, decided to do her own remix.

Picture it: One late night, Brandi and I are up brainstorming the future of Dear Black Women. Less than 24 hours later, weeks before expected, BRANDI. DELIVERS. HER. DAUGHTER. ARROW. AT. HOME. WITH HER HUSBAND. BEFORE. HER. MIDWIFE. COULD. EVEN. SAY. "I'm on my way!".

Yup. Brandi hand delivered her own baby in her bathtub. And no Google searches were consulted. (What can Black woman not do?! I'll wait...)

Brandi, DBW’s 1st Lead Circle Facilitator + baby Arrow <3

Brandi, DBW’s 1st Lead Circle Facilitator + baby Arrow <3

All that to say, it's truly been a whirlwind season and I'm so grateful for the blessings and lessons in the storm. I'm also grateful to meet you right back here as the Dear Black Women movement forges ahead.

Let's go together, shall we?,

Founder, Dear Black Women

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