Affirmations of the Week: "In the Light or the Dark, We Shine", A Photo Essay

In this photo essay, we feature the photos of the incredibly talented and fly photographer Dear Black Woman Dani B. After 20 Circles in Dear Black Women SE Michigan, DBW launched our New York Circle with the first Circle in Brooklyn. On that beautiful day and night in Brooklyn, Dani captured many beautiful moments. Peep them below, coupled with affirmations by Black women in the movement.

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I went through it all. The loneliness, the isolation, the mind games, and endless races of the brain. I was exhausted, but not defeated.
— Julie Cruz, DBW | Lansing, MI

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I am so proud of the woman you have become. You have fought to become her. Through trials and upsets and setbacks and illness. Although ‘life has not been no crystal stair’ at times, you have persevered with strength and grace. And you have learned self-compassion. That was a hard lesson for you. It comes more naturally to beat yourself up or to wallow in your misfortune, but, over time, you have learned to be more loving and kind to yourself.
— Krystal, DBW | Elisabeth, NJ

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Release. It is okay to release. I know you have secrets that you are holding. Fears that seem to keep unfolding. Regrets that seem to be stained on your sleeves. Release. It is okay to release.
— Kamaria, DBW | Detroit, MI

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It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to be needy and clingy, at times. It’s ok to let your hair down. It’s ok to take off your superwoman cape. It’s ok to seek rest. It’s ok to be sexy and saved. It’s ok to reject antiquated ideals. It’s ok to show your scars. It’s ok to be vulnerable.
— Nakia, DBW | Brooklyn, NY

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Every time women gather in Circles with one another, the world heals just a little bit more.
— Cree Summer

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Thank you for everything so far, and for everything to come. I love you for it all. Wait… no. I love you for simply being. You don’t have to earn this love. Don’t let anyone -even yourself- convince you otherwise.
— Tahirah, DBW | Washington, DC

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Continue to embrace your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses and flaws because they are designed to sharpen you if you are willing to work through them. I believe in us, and we were built to make it to the other side.
— Charisse Bailey, DBW | Detroit, MI

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...I part with these words: strive for richness in adventure, health, knowledge, laughter, family and love from the people who matter most; don’t shy from your kindness, sensitivity and spirituality but continue to unearth the incredibly dope soul and badass-to-the-bone vibes that exude from you.
— Courtney, DBW | Detroit, MI

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All Photos by Dani B.

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