Affirmations of the Week: You Have Permission to Be Human

Take a closer look at some of this week's powerful affirmations from Dear Black Women all over the country. Be encouraged because you are worthy of love.

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You, yes YOU, have permission to be human.

To need. To receive. To break. To heal. To rest. To change. To grow. To fail. To triumph. To smile. To cry. To learn. To be.

An important reminder. One you deserve.

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#WeThanktheDBW: Elena from Alexandria, VA.

Elena's words: “Give yourself the grace you so willingly give others."

How much space, forgiveness, permission, understanding and compassion do we give others? How can we offer a little more of those very same things to ourselves?


#WeThanktheDBW: Elena from Alexandria, VA.

Elena's words: "Give yourself the space and opportunity to feel freely. Trust me, you deserve to. It does not make you weak or any less of a person or woman to experience being sad or angry or frustrated or disappointed."

Which of our feelings, even those complex and undesired, deserve the opportunity to be felt more freely? Promise yourself to give yourself some time to do that, even for a little, today. 

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