Affirmations of the Week: Simple Truths.

Take a closer look at some of this week's powerful affirmations from Dear Black Women all over the country. Be encouraged because you are worthy of love.


#WeThanktheDBW: Rachel.

Rachel's words: “Sometimes change is good."

Are you holding onto anything- be it a person, a belief, a place, a thing- in a way that really needs to change? How can you change your perspective to appreciate that sometimes change, in fact, is good?





Lean into love.

Lean into those places that don't require you to tuck in any parts of yourself; that honor your truth and encourage you to speak it; that rise to the occasion of your arrival; that lighten the load on your back without your begging; that quite simply make you feel easy to love.

Memorize how those places, those moments, those experiences feel in your body. Lean into that feeling.

It's the love you deserve.


#WeThanktheDBW: D.Cisero from Detroit, MI.

D's words: "Faith it until you make it."

Many of us have heard the adage, "Fake it 'til you make it", but what if we FAITH it until we make it? Whatever you have faith in- be it yourself, your values, your loved ones, your spiritual beliefs, all of the above, or something else entirely- how can you hold onto that faith to carry your through whatever obstacles are in your way? 

Faith it until you make it.

Thank You for Existing





Thank you for existing.

Yes, we're talking to you. Yes, you. One last time: YOU!!!! Haha!

Thank you for waking up today and being in the world. We are grateful for your insights, your resilience, your love, your power, your intellect. We are grateful for the things that make you quintessentially you. We hope that your heart, belly and spirit are fed.

And we thank you for existing.

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