Affirmations of the Week: Self-Care

Self-care is imperative for Black women. We often find ourselves in spaces, relationships, institutions that require more from us than they give back. So, we repeat: self-care is imperative for us. This week's affirmations speak to the importance of our self-care. Enjoy and know that no matter where you are on your sacred self-care journey, we are rooting for you!  

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Save yourself.

Put on your life jacket first. Put on your oxygen mask first. Fill your stomach first. Heal your wounds first. Affirm your truths first. Anyone who truly loves you AND has the capacity to do so healthily wants you to be whole and wants a love from you that comes from that place. 


Anonymous (Really You lol!) - Part of Self Care.png


Her words: “A part of self care is learning not to ask for what you need from people who don't have it to give, and still trusting you deserve it and can get it somewhere else." 

This. One. Is. Major. How often can we take another person's interpretation of the world as the reality for our own world? Reflect on where you may be doing that. And remember: If a person says that she cannot see the colors you see, it doesn't mean that your colors don't exist. It just means you may not be able to share in those colors with that person. And that's okay. Find a way to let your colors shine and share it with those who can and want to do the same. 


#WeThanktheDBW: Flo from new york.

Flo's words: "Every fire that calls your name is not worthy of your answer. And every person who mimes love isn't worthy of your love. Every scar you wear wasn't always this small and sanitized. Some were once big and infected. So it's okay to be still for a while and give time time and give space space and tell yourself that doing nothing is okay."

What parts of your life does this speak to? Are there places that require you to be still and observe, instead of acting and doing and fixing? Give yourself permission to give time time and space space. You are worthy of your own stillness. Yes, you.

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