Affirmations of the Week: A Tender Reminder for Resilience

These are challenging times. Dear Black Women greets these times with a tender reminder for resilience; not because it is easy or fair, but because we are worthy of making it to the other side and our dreams are worthy of meeting us there. So, please keep putting one precious foot in front of the other as best as you can. Always only as best as you can. 


#WeThankthedbw: charisse from columbus, oh.

Charisse's words: "Your journey is not meant to be easy, because…well…you’re not meant to be   basic!"

Who among us is "basic"? (Hint: No one should be raising their hands!) What if we believed that our challenges were opportunities to grow us in the direction of our fullest expression? What if we believed that our burdens are in direct relationship with our gifts, such that what hurts us today can bring us to our healing tomorrow?

Something to ponder.

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#WeThankthedbw: charisse from columbus, oh.

Charisse's words: Fight for your growth, your healing, your success, your joy, and your freedom from anything that has constrained you. You may not enjoy every moment of the fight, but your victory will be glorious!!

Repeat after us: My victory will be glorious. My victory will be glorious. My victory will be glorious. MY. VICTORY. WILL. BE. GLORIOUS.

If you need a mantra for today and tomorrow and the day after, let it be: MY. VICTORY. WILL. BE. GLORIOUS.

Because it will be.

#WeThanktheDBW: julie from lansing, mi.

Julie's words: "I went through it all. The loneliness, the isolation, the mind games, and endless races of the brain. I was exhausted, but not defeated."

Who else can relate to seasons where it feels like everything that could go wrong done went wrong many time overs? Loneliness, isolation, mind games, anxiety, exhaustion and the list can truly go on and on, and on and on.

You are not alone. Do you hear us? You are not alone.

Keep going. 

#WeThanktheDBW: courtney from detroit, mi.

Courtney's words: “You are the eptimore of unfuckwitable."


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