Affirmations of the Week: Resilient Love.

Here's to the love that holds your hand over rocky terrain; that rides and lives with you (ain't nobody trying to "ride or die" haha!); that says "YES!" when everything else may say "NO!". Here's to Resilient Love.


#WeThankthedbw: Judith, Ghana.

Judith's words: "Yesterday's pain will be today's laughter. Yesterday's tears will be today's joy."

Who wants to join us in affirming this for themselves? What if the pain was a portal to our healing? What if the tears were watering new life? 

Something to consider.


A DBW Exercise

A Dear Black Women Exercise.

Take 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes- whatever you have- to fill in the blanks for yourself. Even if it's a whisper. You're worth it.

Some ideas from other Black women:

I am loved. I can love. I will love. *** I am healing. I can heal. *** I will heal. *** I am strong. I can achieve all my dreams, and I will be happy as I strive for said dreams! *** I am smart. I can keep pushing. I will secure this degree. *** 

What are your words to yourself? Share them with us if you'd like to at the link below!


#WeThanktheDBW: Elisabeth from Waterbury, CT.

Elisabeth's words: "I have value. You have value. And we're going to discuss this value and declare this value over each other."

These were the profound words that Dear Black Woman Elisabeth used when describing what Dear Black Women does. To be clear: It is nothing short of revolutionary to affirm ourselves and our intrinsic value. To say, "I have value. You have value. WE have value" is to do profoundly healing and powerful work. 

How can you affirm this for yourself and other Black women today?

A Word

A Word from Dear Black Women.

Remember: That was supposed to kill you, you alive in this bih. We celebrate you! 

Whatever your "that" is for you, let's keep it all the way 100: Some of us shouldn't be upright based on what we've been through and/or what we're going through. But look at us, WE STILL HERE!!!

We. Celebrate. You!


#WeThanktheDBW: Seaira from detroit, mi.

Seaira's words: “You are more than what skin color dictates. More than what society regulates. More than the obstacles you'll face. And you are made of more than what this world could ever take."

Re-read that and let it marinate.

You. Are. MORE.


A Word from Dear Black Women.

You are worthy.

You are worthy. Worthy of every morsel of love your heart craves. Worthy of safe space to release burdens that you've called home. Worthy of reprieve and relaxation, of steady hands that reach for yours and embraces that fill your well. Worthy of friendships that clear paths through the thickest of bush and the unconditional love of your ancestors to guide the way. You are worthy of your own breath, every sacred inhale and exhale. Worthy of your mind, body and spirit, untampered with and powerful. Worthy, dear sister. You are worthy.

Be reminded today.

Dear Black Women thanks Jessica, @flowerwrk (on instagram)

We love your words, Jessica, and we thank you for existing. 

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