DBW Loves: Cyntoia Brown

Dear Black Women believes that Cyntoia deserves safety, support, rehabilitation and love. Not life in prison. Yet, in prison she is. So we want our resilient love to meet Cyntoia there and help her usher in the New Year, her 13th year behind bars, with words of encouragement, affirmation and love from all of us! 

JOIN US in writing an affirmation letter to Cyntoia. We will be accepting affirmations to Cyntoia until January 16th, then we will send them all in one loving batch. 

Find examples of letters and a link to share yours below.


Background on Cyntoia: Many of you may have heard the new interest in Cyntoia Brown's story, but, just in case, here's a recap: Cyntoia was a victim of physical and sexual abuse for most of her childhood. In her early teens, she was forced into sex trafficking. At 16, she killed a 43 year old man, who paid to have sex with her, in self defense. Since then, she's been serving a life sentence. More on her story in this PBS documentary, "Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story", also New York Times coverage here.