Affirmations of the Week: The Art of Dani B.

Dani B is a Brooklyn based photographer who loves us. Through her art, she “strives to promote self love, and unity within her community.” And we feel that. From her impeccable eye for light and color, to the rawness and intimacy of her shots, Dani B sees and celebrates us! Enjoy!

Dani B.

Brooklyn, NYC


Lover of Us!

New York Film Academy, Photography

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Our Beauty That Dani B Sees.

Positive representation is extremely important in the black community and is what the community needs the most. No conforming necessary.
— Dani B
Hood Majesty_1.jpg
TopSick Mag_1.jpg
Posted Up_3.jpg
Representation is important. I shoot people that look like me. I make sure I continue to push the culture.
— Dani B.
We are fashion. We are art. We make the trends.
— Dani B.
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TopSick Mag_1.jpg
Svage Mag_1.jpg
Svage Mag_2.jpg
Everything trending on the runway now, has come from the hoods creativity. I bring the vibrancy to the hood because we have enough daily struggles. I want my audience to feel alive.
— Dani B.
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