Worksheet: Writing Yourself an Affirmation Letter

Dear Black Women is an affirmation movement for Black women by Black women. We are powered by the intention of countless Black women all over the world to find more and more ways to affirm ourselves and share those affirmations with each other. One approach we take is writing affirmation letters to ourselves.

There are so many ways to approach your affirmation letter, but in case you're feeling lost, below are three easy steps you can take:


STEP 1: Greet yourself affectionately

Use words that are loving and kind. Some people choose, "Dear Love", "Hey Boo", or simply [Your Name] -

Example: "Baby Girl" - Lawrielle, Detroit, MI

STEP 2: WRiTe SOMETHING you want to encourage yourself about...

Write words that you need to hear, but may be neglecting to tell yourself. Maybe this is a celebration of a recent accomplishment you've taken for granted. Maybe this is validation for some feelings you've been having that you are ashamed of or afraid to express.

Example: "I love you and this is something I want to say to you. Certain pains can make you sick if you hold them too closely. So it’s okay to put them down for a while. Give the arms rest. Your arms that is, the ones that have been carrying deadly pains so close to your heart. It’s okay to give your heart space from the thing that threatens its heartbeat. Sometimes." - Flo, New York

STEp 3: write a promise you want to make to yourself...

There is nothing more precious in your life than you. Anything you hold precious benefits most when you know how valuable you are. This belief bucks against so much of what we, Black women, are often taught about how we should view ourselves. Always in service of others. Always as good as what we can do. Always, always, always. DBW's response to that?: Nah.

In this part of the letter, you can make a promise to yourself about how you want to love yourself.

Example: "I want you to know I’m dedicated to learning how to love you better. I know sometimes I don’t get it right, but please know that I’m trying and I’ll never leave you.Please know that I’ll never give up on you. Please know that I’m always thinking about you. I’m always thinking about what more I can give you & I’m always thinking about how and where to get these things. I promise we’ll find self love confidence and true joy together. I love you." - Sha, Virginia